The Witness

On April 4, 1968 on the balcony outside room 306 at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee, a shot rang out that touched the heart and soul of the Civil Rights movement. It was the shot that ended Dr. Martin Luther King’s life. Standing 5 feet away from him on that balcony was Rev. Billy Kyles, a Memphis civil rights leader.

That night Dr. King was supposed to have dinner at Rev. Kyles house. Before that fateful move to the balcony to go to dinner, Rev. Kyles unknowingly spent the last hour of Dr. King’s life with him.

With every truth there bears a witness.


The small border town of Wrightsville wakes up one morning to find a local trucker, Scotty Stenson, dead at The Pie Hole, the town diner. Sheriff Charlie Dexton’s investigation takes him beneath the surface of Wrightsville, across the border into Mexico, and finally deep inside himself. To solve the case, the young sheriff must face his past to uncover secrets that will change him and this small town forever.

It's an offbeat murder mystery that takes place in a small Texas town along the Mexican border.

Think Fargo meets Paris, Texas.


At a screenwriters’ pitch event, a vengeful writer turns the tables on an arrogant studio executive, ordering him at gunpoint to pitch a good story or die. As the clock ticks down, the exec gets a lesson in truthfulness and storytelling, but will he learn in time to save himself?


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